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What’s in my weekday bag?

What's in my bag?

Back in 2018, I blogged about What’s in my Chanel Bag? Since then, I changed what’s inside my cosmetic bag and added a few new staples. Check out my Fall 2019 list below...

As a New York City blogger, my days can start with my 9-5 then easily transition to happy hour or date night with the husband. My ideal travel bag (which I’ve named my magic bag) is light weight with all my essentials included. It's the perfect bag for any unexpected overnight stays (it happened once and I was equipped).

MAC Lip pencil: Chestnut

Soft pencil for lining my nude lipsticks. Wear it alone and top it off with a lipgloss for a unique color

MAC Nude Lipstick: Half 'N Half

A creamy nude that I pair with the Chestnut lip pencil and top with the Fashion Punch lipgloss

MAC Fall Lipstick: D For Danger

My favorite fall color with a texture that’s super light, matte, and can go on without applying chapstick first

MAC Lipgloss: Fashion Punch

A new addition to the collection that can be worn alone or on top of the nude lip

Chapstick: Carmex

Oldie but goodie! I buy three and keep one in the bag, bedside, in near my makeup station. Perfect for quick dry lip application

Perfume Rollerball: Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

My staple scent for weekdays and the rollerball is perfect for quick touch ups

Travel sized eye cream: Origins Ginzing

Ideal for dry under eye or a quick perk up after a long day. I apply a few dabs and use my puff to pat a little foundation to even out with my skin tone

Liquid Eye Liner: Flyliner by Fenty Beauty

Had many days when I’m short of time but a little cat eye wing liner can take me from a naked eye to glam in one swipe

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix in NC45

Been my go to since high school and I still use this daily as a touch up. The trick is don’t over apply and create a dull look. Which is why I use the next product

Powder Puff

My drug store puff is similar to the Laura Mercier $16 puff but for only $4 at your local beauty supply. Dab that oil away after a long NYC work day

Sally Henson Cuticle Oil

Vitamin E Cuticle Oil: Sally Henson

These Nyc fall/winters can be rough on my cuticles. I apply the oil twice a day to prevent cracked dry cuticles. I’ve been using this staple since high school. Once the bottle is empty I like to refill it with vitamin e oil!


Handbag staple for quick applications or touch ups. Find the perfect size that works for you!

Contact Eyedrops

All contact wearers know you must travel with Eyedrops. This even came in handy for an unexpected overnight stay. Quick contact refresh and used for soaking contacts to wear the following day. However, I don’t recommend this but I was desperate to see!

Hand cream: Trader Joe’s Hand Cream

Some bathroom soaps are so drying you need extra cream. This Shea butter smells amazing and it doesn’t leave prints over everything you touch after application!


When you need to jot a quick note when the iPhone battery is low!

// Je'Mere


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