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My Lazy PM Skincare Routine

I’ll be honest…as much as I love caring after my skin I get lazy with my PM routine at times. During quarantine, I haven't been wearing make up so it’s become easier to not wash my face since most of my days are spent in my living room. At night, there’s times I’ll only wash my face, tap on some eye cream, push in some facial oil, and call it a good night!

Below are the three skincare steps that I follow when feeling lazy at night.


A cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin but leaves it soft and hydrated is an essential part of my quarantine skincare routine. Micellar Water is also a must for lazy skincare routines since it assists with cleansing clogged pores.


I try not to skip this step since it helps any serum or moisturizer that follows to penetrate deeper into the skin. Thayers has been my go to for years!

Summer Friday Jetlag or Facial Oil

I’ve raved about the Summer Friday Jet Lag mask in previous posts but I especially love it for lazy skincare nights. The Jet Lag mask acts like a 2 for 1 since it can be rubbed into the skin and swept under the eye. When I don’t use the mask I’ll apply a facial oil. I start by warming the oil by rubbing it into my palms then gently push the oil into my face.

You can also use a jade roller and roll the oil into the skin!



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