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What's on my Sephora List?

Hi beauties!

To my fellow beauty lovers I’m sure you’ve either already shopped or are planning on purchasing something from the Sephora sale. Depending on your Sephora status you can shop the sale until tomorrow, April 27th.

In my previous work life, I’ve worked at Sephora Soho, Manhasset, and 73rd Street locations in the skincare department. In the picture, below you can see all the gratis (free product) I would receive from brands. So I’ve tried just about every brand and numerous products.

I compiled my list below and will share with you a few of my fav’s, recent purchases, wish list items, and more. Even if you’re not shopping now hopefully my list will help get an idea of a new product to try during a future sale. Enjoy!

My Sephora Wish List

Good luck catching some of these in-stock during the sale but are currently in my Sephora favorite list to try. I love the ingredients and can easliy be incorporated into a skin or bath time routine (Sake bath).

Face Wash

For a daytime cleanser, I prefer a gentle cleanser that doesn't strip my skin. For my night time cleanser, I love a multifunctional face wash that provides a deep cleanse and removes makeup. I prefer my face wash scrubs to be gentle.

Eye Creams

My biggest underage concern is puffiness and dark circles. I've used these throughout the years and love the outcome.

TIP: Keep the gels in the fridge to assist with depuffing


If I spend money on anything it would be serums. They are highly concentrated and penetrate deep onto the skin. You get the most bang for the buck with serums.


Masks are skin routines must have whether you're looking to detox the pores or plump the skin after a long night or a long flight. These are a few of my tried and true.

Favorite Skincare Brands

Fresh & Caudalie...

My two go to brands that provide a complete collection of quality products. The higher priced lines are both good to try during the Sephora sales.


I'm a firm believer in having good skin under your foundation first. I like to use a tinted moisturizer during summer days or for a quick natural look. When I wear foundation I like a matte look and use highlighters and sprays to create the dewy effect.

I wear the following shades:

Estee Lauder - Bronze 42 (5W1)

Laura Mercier - Caramel (5C1)

Fenty Beauty - #330


My signature scents. I prefer clean scents with a hint of floral that can take you from the boardroom to happy hour. I also prefer my daily perfumes that have an option of a rollerball to keep in my bag for a quick touch up.

What I bought

I needed to replenish my AM/PM face moisturizer. I wanted an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF for the morning (I'm always looking for ways to combine steps to speed up my morning routine). The cream is on the heavier side so I won't recommend for oily/combo skin in the warmer months. I like it for those colder spring days we've been having in NY.

AM/PM Face Creams

I used the Fresh Lotus original cream and was excited to try the new Night time cream. I notice my skin is radiant and hydrated in the morning. Smells like peaches and cucumbers.


I've once helped the beautiful Susan Lucci from All My Children and she said this was her staple for anti-aging. Her skin was impeccable in person so it's been on my list since that day.

Eye Creams

I must admit I'm surprised with the intense hydration the Innisfree eye cream provides. For the $24 price point it's worth the try! I'm on my 4th bottle of the Biossance and love it for treating my dark circles and puffiness.


For under $20 I bought both serums. I use the Lactic acid for PM and the Vitamin C for AM.

Lactic acid provides a very gentle exfoliation. This is good if you don't like the feeling of a scrub. Make sure to wear SPF in the morning.



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