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Quarantine Beauty Tips

Hi Beauties,

I’ll be honest…when New York announced the closure of all nail/hair salons I pushed up my hair appointment and removed my S&S nail set in preparation for weeks of self care.

Yes we’re in some trying times and I want to do my part to make sure we can maintain our beauty routines most importantly…while on a budget.

I have a few tricks on how to maintain your beauty routines while under quarantine using ingredients you may already have at home or can purchase at your local grocery store!

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a few of these tips on my stories. I hope my tips help you get through these stressful quarantined days. Let’s come out of this quarantine healthy and looking refreshed!


Seems obvious but making sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. If you drink coffee…drink more than 64 ounces. I start my quarantine days with a wine glass filled with water and lemon as my detox water.


Under $5 for a tub I prefer the baby scent. So many ways to use vaseline but I prefer using it on my feet then wearing socks while working from home. You’ll notice a difference by bedtime! If you have plastic gloves to spare this works for hands as well.


I removed my SNS power from my nails the same way they do in the salon. It was a little messy and smelly but an hour later I had clean bare nails.

Here’s how:

{Gather Supplies}
Foil, Scissors, Pure Acetone, Cotton Rounds (Flat or puffy style will do), Nail file, Nail Clipper, Buffer, Plastic Gloves

1. Make sure you have air circulation since the acetone can be strong.

2. Cut a few aluminum foil pieces in squares Small enough to wrap around a finger.

3. Gather 5 cotton rounds (if you use the flat style. Grab 10 if you use the puffy round style). You can cut the flat style in half making one for each nail. 

Tips: File/Buff the top layer of your polish to help the acetone soak faster. You can also be brave and cut your nails to help the process go faster. 

{Removal Process}
1. Soak the cotton rounds in pure acetone.

2. Place one cotton piece on your nail bed and wrap the foil around your nail with the cotton.

3. Once all nails are wrapped with foil soaked in acetone,  carefully put on the gloves. This helps prevent the acetone from leaking out. Plus you can finish chores while the nails are soaking.

4. Check nails after 30 minutes and buff each nail. You may have to rewrap a few nails for longer soaking. The total process can take up to one hour.

5. Once finished you can purchase a set of false nails from your local drug stores for a fresh mani or apply a few coats of your favorite polish. 

Tip: Buy the nail glue separately. The glue that comes with the false nails won’t stick strong enough. With the Maximum strength nail glue, nails can last up to 2 weeks!

Hand/Foot Masks

I’ve shared these mask on my instagram page. For under $5 you can purchase a one-time use hand mask. The masks come with a solution inside each glove. All you do is slip your hand/foot in each and leave on for 20 minutes.

Tip: I wear socks with the foot masks since it can be slippery when walking on hard wood floors.

Simple Kitchen Ingredients

Vitamin E

Good for rubbing into dry cuticles.

Tip: buy the vitamins and stick a pin in capsule and squeeze the oil onto cuticles

Epsom Salt

Good for a relaxing bath soak or a quick foot soak before your at home pedicure

Milk Bath

Buy whole milk for a whole body soak. Fill the tub with water and milk and soak for 20 minutes. Milk contains a form of lactic acid and can help sooth and smooth dry skin.


Best for puffy under eye circles. This trick still works especially for those with early morning zoom conf calls after a late night of virtual web parties! Cut two cucumber slices and place on eyes and rest for 20 minutes to depuff under eyes.

Pictures from Pinterest


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