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Are you ready for spring?

Hi beauties! March 20th was the first day of spring.

The first of anything is always a good place to start with a self check-in. I like to check in with my personal goals I set for the year. I don’t set the dreadful new years resolutions but I do create a list of goals I would like to accomplish for the year. Throughout the year, I check in with them to make sure I’m holding myself accountable.

The first day of spring is also a good time to plan your spring skincare regimen, facials, Sephora visits, new spring wardrobe, and summer plans.

One things for sure and two things for certain…$50 spa week and the spring Sephora sale! Spa week is a good time to get a $50 treatment. Participating spas will offer different services by location. Trust me and make your appointment early! If you’re late to the party, some spas run their specials for longer than a week, so check with them if you miss the April 16-22 Spa Week timeline.

As a former Sephora employee, I had a love/hate relationship with the spring sale. The discounts were good (for the VIB’s) but the crowds and lines from the weekend sale was insane!! Just check your Sephora email in the next few weeks for the sale details.

So tell me, how do you prepare for spring?

\\ Je’Mere

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