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Quench your skin’s thirst

Over the 2017 summer, I spent a lot of time in warm climates and I traveled by water ferry during my commute to work while baking in the sun every morning and evening. During my last NYC Spa Week facial, I was told my skin was dehydrated. This was nothing a trip to Sephora couldn’t solve.

From my years in training as a Skincare Specialist at Sephora, I knew the ingredient I needed to buy was Hyaluronic Acid pronounced hi-la-ron-ic. To keep things simple, let’s say this ingredient is like a tall glass of water on a hot summer day for your skin.

While at Sephora, I chose to purchase the Water Drench collection from Peter Thomas Roth. It worked out in my favor because they had a trio for $52 (Face Wash, full size Serum, and full size Moisturizer) as a holiday set. The hyaluronic serum alone will run you about $65 so this was a bargain steal!

The moisturizer is so light and feels like a cloud would feel on your skin. It’s plush but super light weight and absorbs quickly without leaving the skin dry. It’s perfect for under makeup because it doesn’t weigh down your face and is extremely light weight. It’s light enough to protect you from New York City below freezing temperatures or a Las Vegas heat wave.

\\ Je'Mere

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