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Travel tips: Packing a Carry-on

Hi beauties!

With the holidays right on our heels and the travel season in full swing I thought I’d share tips for traveling with your favorite beauty products. Whether you’re the carry-on type, the checked luggage type, traveling for vacation, or traveling to visit family. There’s a way to travel with your favorite beauty products and be ready as soon as you land.

Gather Your Beauty Products

Sort the products that you use on a daily basis and check to make sure they’re under the TSA's recommended 3oz. If you have a favorite product that’s too large for your carry-on you can use a small container. I’ve purchased travel containers at Harmon Face Values (The store near me in Edgewater, NJ has the best travel section I’ve ever seen).

I’ve also used tiny sample containers I received at department stores. They’re good for refilling with products that you use just a little of or you don’t use daily but you may need like eye creams and facial masks.

Don’t forget to gather the sample size products if you subscribe to monthly beauty boxes.

Label Your Travel Containers

After you land at your destination, you may forget what that white cream in the pink top container is. I know I never rely on my memory after flying and traveling stress. I use scotch tape and a permanent sharpie to label what’s inside each travel container. Trust me, this tip will save you from rubbing eye cream all over your face! You can reuse the container for other trips by removing the tape and cleaning the empty container.

Sort Your Products In Categories

Sorting in categories will help you visualize any products you’re missing or if you’re overpacking. Your categories may change based on your vacation type and your trip duration.

My categories are:

Oral hygiene


After shower


First aid



Packing Your Personal Item

This is an important component of my travels since this will remain with you during your travels. The carry-on bag and personal item are both important in the event your checked luggage goes missing. I always pack extra under garments and a swimsuit. My personal carry-on will get me through an overnight stay in the event of lost luggage.

I always prepare my personal carry-on bag depending if I’m traveling for business, vacation, or visiting family. If I have to go straight from the plane to a meeting, happy hour, or poolside I always pack the following:

Contact supplies & eyeglasses

Touch up powder


Facial toner

Rollerball perfume


SPF spray

Hand sanitizer & lysol wipes


Vitamins & Emergen-c

+ + + Here's a few of my travel products from recent trips + + +

I hope this list helps you during the busy travel season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

\\ Je’Mere


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