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My 40th Birthday in Mykonos

My husband and I just returned from an 8 day trip to Greece and I’m sharing all the tips if your planning a trip to both Mykonos and Athens. I’ll split the details into three posts since I have so much content, videos, and links to share. When I’m done you’ll have all the essentials you need for your dream vacation to Greece!

So, Why Greece?

It’s been on my bucket list for too long AND I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday in a big way!!

My birthday fell in August but that’s Greece peak season. It was suggested to book after September. I’ll admit it was easier to get reservations and cabs since we went off peak.

Travel Agent?

1 Private boat

2 Hotels

4 Flights

8 Private Cars

20 hours in flights

Reasons why I choose to go through a travel agent. I used a Liberty Travel since I didn’t have time to research flights, transfers, hotels, etc. I booked my trip with Molly from Liberty Travel on Madison Avenue in NY. She worked with me on all details. We emailed until every detail was approved then I reviewed the final itinerary and booked the trip March 2019.

Where we stayed

We stayed at Kivotos Mykonos for 4 nights and 5 days. It’s a luxury family owned resort that’s perfect for couples looking for R&R. Donatella Versace and John Legend & Chrissy Tiegen have recently stayed here.

We booked the Suite Side Sea View room with an outdoor patio, complimentary breakfast, and for a small fee the private boat transfer comes as an option for quick transportation.

I must say the staff here was amazing! From Christina the Operations Manager, waitress Nyropi, all the front desk, pool, and Spa staff. They made us feel so welcome with any request we had!

So many places throughout the resort for sunbathing, reading, or having a quick photo shoot for the gram! The beach was private small but very rocky. Enjoy complimentary breakfast every morning, with fruits, veggies, Coffee, champagne, Bloody Mary with Kettle one, all while overlooking the Aegean Sea enjoying the breeze.

Cellular Service

I stayed in airplane mode the entire trip! At&t offered an international plan for $10/a day for 24 hours of service. So many places (even Athens Airport) offer free WiFi Service. I had no problems making WiFi phone calls or FaceTime, checking social media, etc.

Euros VS Dollars

At the Athens airport I traded $200 from dollars and got back 145€. I lost some money but I needed pocket money for taxis and tipping. I used my bank card at restaurants. If your card has a pin they bring the mobile machine to you. Just remember if you pay in euros your bank will charge you in US dollars. Plus they may charge you a small interest fee. Some places can bill you in US dollars, just ask. I used my Amex at hotels so it didn’t tie up any of my trip funds.


We flew Emirates economy to Athens and they allow one carry-on and one checked bag up to 50lbs.

We flew Sky Express from Athens to Mykonos and they allowed 1 checked bag up to 30lbs. Flying out of Mykonos we had to pay 80 euros for both bags weighing over 30lbs.


We went early September and it was warm but super windy. So bad the wind would blow utensils off the table. When the sun is out during the morning it’s a comfortable 80 degrees but nights were very chilly. I suggest if you go in September bring something to cover your legs or arms.

Apps used

I’m a Leo so I love being super organized and these are the two apps I used to pack, organize outfits, plan things to do, and where to eat, etc...


The perfect app for planning your daily activities, places to visit, and eat. I used this app to help plan my daily swimsuits and dinner outfits. Read reviews based on where you plan on visiting.


If you have a trip with several connections and hotel check ins, this app will keep confirmation numbers, dates, airlines, and estimated arrivals all on a daily timeline. All you do is either email your itinerary to their email or allow access to your email and they will scan and upload your travels to your TripIt account. I granted access to my email but once info was added I deactivated access from my email.

Food / Nightlife

As a New Yorker, I found that food wasn’t expensive. The trick is to share apps and an entree since most dishes are family size.

We ate lots of salads, fresh fish, and veggie’s. The first night in Mykonos we ate at the hotel since we were fighting jet lag and the 7 hour time difference from NY. The remaining nights we ate at a different restaurant every night. Some were hits and some were misses. I learned don’t expect flavor but expect freshness!

We also picked up wine and Champagne at duty free to enjoy in our room.

We dined at the following places...

Aperanto Galazio Mykonos

We walked her from our resort for lunch. My husband ordered a massive burger and I had a club sandwich. It’s a beach bar that’s connected to a public beach. Just imagine nude sunbathers, vendors selling merchandise, and DJ playing some cool beach vibes. Such a cool laid back vibe that the waiter recommended we go for a swim while waiting for our food!


Right in the heart of downtown so enjoy walking on Mykonos style cobble stone alleys while passing gift shops and designer stores. We went on a Friday night and this place was super packed. Very lively and lounge like. Lots of smoke. But the venue has an open roof so the wind blows some of the smoke.


The perfect vibe for a relaxing lunch amongst the chicest of Mykonos. Located on the beach but right in the middle of all the high end Designer brands. The perfect location for a day of shopping and dining. Lots of cats and sandy grounds. So don’t wear heels!

La Meduse

Hotel restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea. The food was good here but the portion size was small. We both left still feeling hungry.

Kivotos Room Service

That same night we ordered Pizza and was so tasty!

Del Mar Beach Bar

Also on the hotel grounds located by the pool. Perfect for lunch and a quick break from sunbathing.


This was the place to be! We went on a Saturday night but was told Sunday’s are the best nights. I loved the vibe here. We were able to make reservations and enjoy dinner while watching the sunset.


The restaurant was located right across the water from our hotel so we took a private boat provided by our hotel to dinner. We sat on the water and watched the sunset while dining on the freshest seafood!


In Mykonos the day belongs to the beaches and the nights belong to the restaurants and beach clubs. Out of the places we visited Interni and Scorpios had the nightlife vibe Mykonos is known for!

Know before you go

English is spoke fluently

You’ll do lots of walking so bring comfy walking shoes or sneakers.

No direct flights to Mykonos from the USA.

Cats are everywhere. At restaurants, the town, and hotel grounds.

Lots of cigarette smoke

Don’t throw any paper in the toilet. There’s a can on the side of the toilet for your disposables.

If you plan on driving get an International driving license before you leave. However, be prepared for driving on really narrow two way roads with pedestrians walking on the shoulders! If you’re not an experienced driver especially with making tight turns DO NOT DRIVE IN MYKONOS.

Travel Essentials

Charging phone case was a life savor while lounging by the pool. I was able to enjoy hours of full battery while sunbathing and listening to music.

Universal charger I ordered two from Amazon and they worked perfectly.


I'm on my second passport book but let it be known this 40th birthday trip was the best thus far. The only thing about ending a new trip is it motivates you to plan the next one! Where to next?

\\ Je'Mere

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