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My K-Beauty Haul!

During a recent walk through Korea town better known as “K-Town”, I stopped by Besfren Beauty. The moment I stepped in it felt like a Beauty Bloggers candy store (and the price point was perfect for Beauty Under $30!)

Every season, I switch my beauty products depending on what I’m trying to achieve. During the winter/summer, I hydrate. During fall/spring, I go heavy on anti aging. I prefer to only use retinol during the seasons when I’m not in the sun. It’s Spring time so bring on the anti aging! Here’s what I bought…

Prior to my visit I did some research on which products to try based on my needs which are: Anti aging, Hydrating, and Acne. A quick $85 later and I left with a collagen essence, eye cream, moisturizer, and a clay bubble mask.

If the thought of using snail secretion grosses you out then don’t even try the Cosrx or eye cream below. The gooey texture will be too much for you!

This is truly an all in one cream from serious hydration, plumps and tightens the skin, and healing properties. I would say its good for those suffering with acne, dry/aging skin.

I use this as my night time cream since the texture doesn’t absorb as quickly as I need for my AM rush.

Since the skin under the eye is thin and can be very dry I try to use hydrating and skin plumping ingredients. This is the perfect all in one eye cream.

However, the slimy texture takes too long to settle into my skin so I prefer to use this at night.

I purchased this to help with plumping the skin. It has hydration that will help eliminate dryness and fine lines.

I use this AM/PM before my moisturizer.

I’ve noticed that my skin has been radiant, hydrated and has a natural glow (with no makeup on).

The name alone is fun to say! I must admit this was the first product I tried when I got home. I was desperate to try a Bubble Mask and it didn’t disappoint!

After a warm shower I applied a thin layer and seconds later the last puffed up to a foamy layer. 30 seconds later it felt like a layer of tiny air bubbles on my skin. When the time was up, I wiped the top layer of bubbles there was a thin layer of clay. Another wipe and my face was clean. I found this product is perfect for those who love clay mask but hate the tight dry pulling feeling.

Once I'm done with this round of K-beauty, I have a list of products that I’ll be trying next:

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