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The 30 Second Face Scrub

Happy Wednesday!

I started this blog for products like this and my love for skincare products overall. I love walking into a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and trying new skincare products. As much as I love Sephora, there’s something exciting about finding a beauty product under $10 that actually works!

The Blueberry Acai Facial Scrub from Trader Joe's is a scrub that actually smells like a blueberry smoothie, for only $5.99. The texture reminds me of the walnut scrub from Ole Henriksen. They both have the same creamy texture with micro-beads.

I’m finishing up my Dr. Brandt retinol so I only exfoliate once a week. On damp skin I use a q-tip to scoop out a quarter size portion. To keep the scrub from feeling rough on the face, I splash a little water on my face so that the mask has a transparent look. Using light pressure, make circular motions for 30 seconds and rinse.

Immediately after rinsing, I noticed my skin looks smoother, has less lines, looks brighter and feels hydrated - and not dry.

This is not an ad. I'm just a lover of good skincare products and love to share my findings. Enjoy!

\\ Je'Mere

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