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Time Out @ The Time Nyack Hotel

Winter is on it’s way out while spring still seems so far away. As a last minute decision, I booked a room at The Time Nyack for me and my husband. Since we are way over due for a vacation, I figured this was the perfect place for a weekend retreat. The morning prep started on Instagram with a facial both under eyes and lips. I did full glam and makeup details are shown below. (See Instagram Story below)

The husband drove while I rode shotgun for the 30 minute drive from our NJ home to the quaint hotel in Nyack, NY. The drive was quick and scenic with views of the Hudson along the way. I was in control of the GPS (and IG scrolling) when a wrong turn sent us over the Tapenzee bridge when we were only 2 minutes from the hotel! Of course I blamed it on Waze!

After our slight detour and bridge toll, we managed to make our 3pm check-in even though our room wasn’t ready. The lovely front desk ladies gave us two drink vouchers while we took the opportunity to have a mini photoshoot.

The hotels decor is a mix of industrial and grunge. The combination of skulls, bullets, leather, wood, velvet, dim hallways, and chandeliers felt mysterious but safe. I booked the Balcony Suite because I wanted views of the river and there’s something nice about fresh air while staying in a hotel. The largest room was the Balcony Suite but it doesn’t come with a bathtub.

For dinner I found Sixty5 On Main that was a short 5 minute drive from the hotel. Since it was a Sunday night we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. The chef greeted us and checked to make sure the lobster roll I ordered and steak for my husband was cooked to perfection, and it was! The night wrapped up with us watching the Oscars and me blogging. We have plans of coming back in the summer and booking the Timeless Suite (with a tub) and enjoy the pool with a glass of something bubbly in hand!

\\ Je’Mere

|| Instagram Story 3.4.2018 ||

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