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Beauty Under $30: Face Masks

Trader Joes Mask

Over the holidays I went on a stroll threw the Trader Joe’s beauty isle when I noticed the introduction of the Face Mask Trio. Wait…before you dash off to Trader Joe’s, let me warn you this is one of their seasonal products. I went back a few weeks later and couldn’t find them. At a price point of $6.99, who wouldn’t fill up a Trader Joe’s cart with this travel size trio.

Clay Detox Mask

I wanted my pores open before application so I applied the mask right after a steamy shower. The texture is smooth but not watery. It contains several types of oils so it didn’t have the tight pulling feel like most clay mask do when they’re drying. I left it on like the instructions said and after 5 minutes I noticed slight tightness but that was the max! After washing, my skin felt smooth but not tight from dryness.

Ingredients: Orange Peel oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil and Sandalwood Oil.

Rose Gel Mask

I love any product with rose. Not only does it smell so good but it contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for brighting the dark spots on the skin. I applied this on my t-zone right after I removed the detox mask on dry skin. It works as a toner so it helped to balance the PH levels in the skin. The gel texture is smooth that glides on the skin. It dries to a tacky feel but not sticky. At it’s driest state it felt slightly tight.

Ingredients: Rose hip Oil, Purple Carrot, Beet Juice, and Red Cabbage. Sounds like a smoothie in a face mask!

Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Mask

This slightly watery gel texture mask contains micro beads that exfoliate the skin as you apply and remove the mask. After removing the mask and applying my toner, my cotton round was yellow. Don’t worry this is from the turmeric extract! This mask sold me by having the first ingredient as aloe.

Ingredients: Aloe, Papaya, Pineapple, and Turmeric.

After reviewing the ingredients, this could be the perfect trio to mix and match for any skin type.

Combination Skin: Safe for all three masks. Use the Detox mask in the t-zone & Rose mask in all other areas (except under eyes). This method will hydrate your dry areas while detoxing the pores in the oily areas.

Sensitive skin: I recommend the rose mask. If you have extremely sensitive skin, test a section of your skin before applying the Detox and Enzyme Mask. You can also try leaving them on for half the time suggested on the packaging.

Dry skin: The Rose mask and Enzyme mask will be your BFF. The rose will hydrate the dry skin and the enzyme mask will exfoliate the dead skin with a gentle scrub feeling. The clay mask contains the following hydrating oils so it’s gentle enough for dry skin.

\\ Je'Mere

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