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Since we're here...

Ok, I have a secret obsession. I’m obsessed with pens in different colors, journals, stickers, and cards. Now that I’ve been blogging more frequently I’ve become obsessed with my journal/planner and all the accessories and stickers that come with it.

Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve been cleaning out my home office in stages. Stage one was to toss and shred old documents. During my deep clean, I found my 2007 wedding invitations, post wedding thank you cards, my graduation invites from F.I.T., and cards from loved ones.

After flipping through all the sentimental memories, it brought me back to the exact reason why I'm obsessed with stationary and why I hold onto these keepsakes. This is one reason why I was so excited to partner with Basic Invite for this blog post.

Basic Invite is a website that provides options for ordering custom invitations for weddings, graduations, and personalized thank you cards.

Some features are unlimited color options, custom samples, 40 different envelope color options, foil options, and Address Capturing Service. With this service you can share a link on any social media and request your friends and family’s information and have them fill in the info! You can check out Basic Invite on their website or social media at @basicinvite.

This is a paid sponsored post with Basic Invite.

Going through all of my special keepsakes and finding my graduation invitations reminded me of how stationary plays such an important role in sentimental moments. As an example on May 25th, I will celebrate 10 years since graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology. Thinking back to sitting on the stage of Radio City Music hall and graduating with thousands of my fellow classmates was an exhilarating moment I will never forget.

So yes, being home during quarantine has been difficult and very boring at times! However, a quick trip down memory lane while executing a deep clean can make one hour feel like five hours has passed!

Take care,


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