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2021 my favorite things

As we wrap up 2021, I wanted to share a years worth of my favorite things from Beauty products, wine, office supplies, dog purchases, black owned hair products, amazon purchases, IPSY products, etc.

I spent the year prepping for a major life change of purchasing a franchise so I revamped my beauty routine and eliminated additional expenses. I’ve compiled a list of items that I’ve repeatedly purchased or would consider buying again. So check out my list and share which ones are your favorites.


I've taken this vitamin all year long. I take two a day and notice a significance increase in my energy and focus throughout the day.

Used this 2-3 month as a deep steam treatment prior to my clay face mask. Helps to open the pores for smoother skin.

Purchased this twice. I’ve received so many compliments on my nails. Great assortment of colors in a matte finish. When used with the right glue they can last up to 1-2 weeks with zero damage to my real nails.

Fell in love for nail stickers in 2015 while working at Sephora. Since short nails work better for work I couldn’t bare short bare nails any longer. I found these on amazon and love how easy they are to apply, the assortment of colors, and easy to remove by peeling off or nail polish. My nails a very thin and tend to break during the winter months. This nail wrap provides a barrier for my nails and noticed they grow a little longer.


Repeat Purchase. Came to love this since my struggle brows became an issue. I needed to find a drug store brand that was always easy to find instead of having to travel to a department store for a replacement. This year, I’ve purchased this at Target, Walgreens, and also Amazon.

For the instant leave wave look with two heat settings. I love the wide barrel to cover wide strands for quicker styling.

Trader Joe’s Vitamin C

I’ve used several vitamin c products. Some were thick and left my pores enlarged. After using this serum for the past week I’ve noticed my skin looks radiant and brighter. I’m truly convinced and wished I bought more since it's seasonal.

Love this black owned salon in Edgewater, NJ and her line of hair products. This conditioner acts a a detangler and leaves my hair light and moisturized. It works best when paired with a salon visit and her steam service.

Black owned hair stylist, Simone West has been my hair stylist for over 10 years. She has transitioned me from short hair, blonde pixies, to now wearing protective styles with her custom units. To order, she needs your measurements, you send a few inspirational photos, and she works her magic.


Gives full coverage and also hydrates the under eye. Works great alone or with a setting powder. Used this numerous times when dark circles were apparent and loved how it concealed with little effort. Also love that it comes in travel size!

Talk about coverage but not heavy. Tried this with my IPSY subscription and was very satisfied with the natural looking coverage. Skin felt light weight and looked flawless I love to mix it with a liquid highlighter for a golden finish.


An item you don't realize you need. After two years of zoom calls and fear of an open camera and privacy concerns, I ordered the camera covers for both my laptop and desktop computers.

I purchased the pink crocodile pattern but it’s sold out. But I love this cover for it’s durability with transport between meetings and office.

Traveling and often at locations without access to power source this backup battery has come in handy for charging my laptop and cell phone. During a recent power outage, it truly came in handy to shoot off a few emails until power was back up. I had to purchase an additional charging wire to connect to my MacBook.

Life on the go was busy this year and coffee was a must. This container was perfect for throwing in my bag and car holder with zero spills. It also helped to keep my beverages hot for long office days.

Revamped my home office space and created a space for my wireless printer and mail with this study easy to assemble shelf.

I’m a lover of stationary but needed an organized system for running a new business. This durable ring binder was the perfect size for site visits and note taking. The pages were thick enough that my pen didn’t bleed through the pages.

Repeat Purchase. Love how smooth this pen writes and doesn’t bleed through my notebook pages above. Had a whole conversation about how good these pens are at my eye doctors office.


Simonetti Merlot Red Wine

My go to wine that’s not to dry or to sweet. Light bodied and has been hard to find in my local spirits store. I think someone caught on so I figured I’ll share with you but don’t tell anyone else…lol!

I’m a lover of instant coffee. My mom has always used instant coffee and hence it turned into my daily cups of Joe. Smooth and not to strong. I found this to be a replacement for my Starbucks which is now only bought as a treat.

Starbucks Coffee

Cinnamon Dolce Latte with two pumps. Always in season and easy to order. Smooth and creamy but prefer it’s not too sweet so I always order Grande with two pumps.

Dog Mom Purchases

As a replacement for a full bath but a quick refresher. A little try and error and I came to love this between baths. Apply a light coat and allow time to air dry before a brush out and back to a fluffy poodle!

With my Toy poodle Layla weighing 3.5lbs I had a hard time finding a harness to support her during walks. I needed a harness to transition between summer and winter that provided enough ventilation and this one has worked.

Second purchase. Perfect for those cold winter nights and easy to wash. I ordered two: one for her to sleep on and another to cover her bed. Ordered in brown and pink to match her bed.

Light weight and reversible. Fits over her harness and easy to clean.

Thick enough to withstand our Northeast winters and super chic. She gets so many compliments every walk. The pink color I ordered was sold at but the other styles are just as adorable.

Second purchase. This easy to wash and gets fluffier after the first wash. My Layla loves this bed. At times she tucks herself all the way in or just relaxes on the edge.

Used to refresh the coat after walks or as a conditioner during a blow dry. Fresh scent that lasts for days. A little spritz goes a long way!

Layla was a very picky eater during her puppy stage. After tons of research and numerous conversations I transitioned into Nutro. She loves this food and eats it all day long. I wanted a food that was easy to find in all dog stores, delivery apps, and in target. I’ll stick with what’s working at least for now.




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