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My Quarantine Online Haul

I still can’t believe NY/NJ has been under quarantine orders since March and here we are in May! After weeks of only running to the supermarket to fill up on cleaning products and food, I finally and desperately gave into the amazing online deals.

I couldn’t resist some of the clothing sales from H&M, Nordstrom, Target, and Zara. I even splurged (out of boredom) on Amazon for a few items to help with working from home.

With all my deliveries, I kept an organized email flagging system to track all my orders: red flag for new orders, blue flag for returns, and green flag for credits. H&M was late on my order so they surprisingly gave me a credit towards a future purchase so I green flagged that email.

Since, there’s significant delivery and return delays due to Covid, I created a tracker in notes for expected return credits since it can be stressful worrying about the refunds and the return status. I once returned a $100 pair of sequin pants back to ASOS and used the UPS drop box (with no tracker) and the package was lost in transit. Needless to say, I learned from that mistake and will only return items that are scanned.

Check out my list of keepers below from my recent online shopping haul.

I love light weight blazers since they’re so universal during the many seasons we’ve been experiencing here in NYC. They can be worn to work or over the weekend. I loved the look of this crisp white blazer to jumpstart spring/summer vibes. The Belted Blazer is still on sale for $69.99 when full price was $129.

Couldn’t resist the color, texture, and lightweight trench coat for under $60! Paired with the additional site and member discounts I spent $48.

So I’ve been eyeing these Dr. Martens for months when I had them on my Nordstrom Wish List and was alerted by the app (which I love) that they went on sale. I brought these for under $110.


Based on the reviews of both the crewneck and jogger pants, I scored a some comfy work from home looks. I loved the jogger pants so much that I ordered two more pairs in oatmeal and white. The jogger was originally $20 and I got it for $17 on sale.

The Women's Crewneck Pullover in white was priced at $25 but I got it on sale for $15 then applied target circle discounts. The final price was only $11!

Bath & Body Works

My local store has been closed so I restocked on my favorite plug in scent, Fresh Linen. I use the same scent throughout my apartment and use the bathroom plugin as my night light. The original price for the 2 pack is $14.50 but the promo was by 3 for $28. Which makes each plug in $4.65.


Amazon is my go to for basic household items. The prime delivery times have been delayed but not by much. I’ve even received my orders faster then my expected delivery dates. I couldn’t resist changing my MacBook Pro case to a spring inspired cover. On my apple watch I use a gold bumper cover to protect it from bumps and it gives it a pop paired with white band.

If you choose to shop online, a few tips are always read the reviews, use the zoom feature to see the details, and check the return policy before you order!




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