My Favorite Winter Accessory

Hi beauties,

Everyone has their favorite winter accessory. It could be your favorite pair of gloves, hat, coat, or sunglasses. My favorite winter accessory is my faux fur stole scarf from Cara New York. Not only is it super soft and adds warmth around my neck but it adds a little glam to your outfit. I’ve worn mine to parties, happy hour, photoshoots, and work.

The scarf comes with two clips but I found that by using safety pins, I was able to rotate my scarfs between my coats, blazers, and jackets. Or you can skip the pins and just drape it over your shoulder for a Hollywood glam look.

I loved the scarf so much that I bought a few extra scarfs and had our local cleaners sew them onto our winter peacoats. The scarfs come in four colors: pink, red, black, and cognac. I purchased all colors except for the red from Bloomingdales.

As I was writing this post, I went to search for them but Bloomingdales no longer carries them but I found it on Amazon in the red color!

Here’s a few other faux fur styles that could work the same way. Don’t forget to utilize your local cleaners for their sewing services and add the scarf to your coats!

~~~ Here's a few ways I've worn my scarf in the past ~~~

\\ Je'Mere

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