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My Bedside Makeover

Hi beauties!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and here we are at the top of 2020. I hope this new decade is going well for you all!

Being a busy New Yorker, I treasure the days when I come home, relax in bed (and depending on how stressful the day was) enjoy either a glass of Merlot or a cup of tea by the nightstand.

I believe your bedside should be a tranquil, relaxing, spa like vibe. Especially since it's the first and last thing you see before sleeping or starting your day.

My previous nightstand wasn’t giving me the relaxing vibe at all. So, it had to go! I don’t know why but I neglected this section of my home since it was tucked away in the furthest corner. To fix this, I hit up Pinterest for inspo and headed to the stores!

I spent a day traveling to Ikea and Home Goods to collect items for my Nightstand refresh. My goal was to buy one storage unit to store, my books, planner, and gym clothes. I also wanted my nightstand to store my nightly accessories like perfume, hand cream, lip balm, picture frame, motivational words, candles, and flowers. I accomplished my goal and stayed under $200!

Once home, I managed to fit everything in one unit while using holders to contain smaller items. I also used the Marie Kondo way of folding my gym clothes…let’s see how long I can keep that up!

Scroll down for links to items I bought from Ikea and the before and after pictures. Let me know how you’re preparing for spring.



Inspiration Photos Courtesy of Pinterest

My trip to Ikea in Paramus, NJ

I stopped for breakfast in the cafeteria while double checking my list.

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Exiting one Hour Later...

Aloe plants are good for sleeping.

Placed next to the aloe is my headband from my Greece trip

and a ceramic mask from my late Aunt Tootsie.

I have to print a picture for my frame.

A decorative way to display my fragrance bottle, crystal, flowers, and hand lotion

TV Remotes stored with room sprays and lotions

Enough storage to stack my books

One candle wasn't enough so I bought three!

To keep me focused, I will change my inspirational picture frame monthly

~~ Whew, Finally Finished! ~~

Smaller items purchased at Home Goods which can be a hit or miss depending on your local Home Goods store.

Here's the links to items purchased at Ikea:



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