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5 Stay at Home Tips

I’m in New Jersey/New York which is the epicenter of the Covid 19 crisis. With our parks recently opening, we had no choice but to stay home. However, having too much free time during the stay at home orders can drive one to boredom. I’ve been coping with the tips listed below. I hope they come in handy for you!


Use apps to create shopping inspiration boards and wish list. Amazon, Asos, and Nordstrom apps offer a feature to create list/boards to plan future shopping sprees. So if you’re on a strict budget, you use these apps to gather items of interest. Nordstrom actually alerts you when your listed item goes on sale or is back in-stock!



Since quarantine began I’ve been doing a lot of cooking. On my Pinterest page, I've created folders to sort food options to give me ideas for dinner and meal prep. You can follow me on Pinterest.

Tip: if you have an ingredient you want to use but need recipe ideas, just search the ingredient name and a list of recipes will populate giving you a long list of recipe options.


I chose to clean my office since I’ve been working from home. To make space for work files, I created a system of toss, shred, and file for documents stored in my filing cabinet.


Every morning between 7-8am, I grab a cup of coffee, turn on spa music, and journal. Something simple as writing a list of daily to do’s and check them off as you complete them can boost your mood.


Put on some make up, curl your hair, and schedule FaceTime with family on group chats. Weekends tend to feel lonely but if you have an iPhone/iPad you can start a quick group text and tap FaceTime to add everyone on a FaceTime call. Such a cool feature I just starting utilizing!

If none of these tips work for you, then turn on some upbeat music and grab a glass of wine and try your best to have a good time.




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