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How I Styled: Menswear Coat

Happy 2019! I wanted to kick off a new year with how to take a simple peacoat to a custom coat that will have people asking, Where did you get that?!

Many years ago I completed the Fashion Styling Certificate course at F.I.T. While there I learned some very valuable tips about styling that stuck with me to this day! So, here’s what I did. I changed this...

To this...

For Christmas I brought my husband a $127 peacoat from ASOS. It was blahhh and I knew I could take it from blahhh to Dammn! I searched Amazon looking for gold buttons for peacoats especially. I found the ones below for $25 and since they came with the right amount of buttons for the front of the coat and sleeves, I added them to my cart!

Then for $4.95, I found this SUPER soft faux fur collar from Forever 21 to add to the peacoat collar (this was more for style than warmth). One trip to our local cleaners and for only $18, our tailor was able to stitch and sew my husbands coat to a custom peacoat.

So while shopping all the post holiday sales, keep an eye out for pieces that you can reinvent into a custom pieces and take it from blahhh to Dammn!

\\ Je’Mere

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