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How I wear swimwear as daywear

Hey ladies!

It’s September and the end of summer is quickly approaching and I’m always looking for ways to extend that summer feeling. Besides, what better way to maximize your swimwear by incorporating it into your day wear.

Here in New York, we have warm weather through October. Which is the perfect season for layering your favorite swimsuit underneath a blazer, denim jacket, or (if the weather permits) just wearing it alone.

To get the most out of my wardrobe, I’ve incorporated my one piece swimsuit into my OOTD for a brunch date with the hubby. I went for the athleisure look and paired my one piece with my white denim skirt from Target, a blue blazer from Zara, white Adidas sneakers, and of course accessories.

If you’re a smart shopper you took advantage of the Labor Day sales and stocked up on swimsuits for next summer. I gathered a few one-piece swimsuit options from Forever 21, Nordstrom, and ASOS.

When I shop for my one-piece swimsuits, I select my swimsuits based on the tan lines it will leave but I also look for the swimsuits that are flattering while wearing a skirt, shorts, or jeans. Only because I’ll wear the swimsuit without a top to go to the beach or pool.

I’ve gathered a few one-piece swimsuit options with links. Check out my picks and let me know what you think!

\\ Je'Mere

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