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OTR II Concert

My favorite month has finally arrived, AUGUST!!

There’s so many events packed into one month such as my 11th wedding anniversary (Aug 3rd), Beyonce & Jay-Z concert, and my birthday (Aug 19th).

To celebrate our anniversary my husband booked us tickets for the Aug 2nd OTR II concert at New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium. A concert we’ve been planning to attend since it was announced in spring. We decided to take an Uber to the concert (which was a big mistake, keep reading I’ll explain). We arrived early to avoid the long lines but Uber had a separate drop off section so we didn’t have to wait. At the security line there were strict rules on bags so I choose to leave mine at home and walked through the detectors with a breeze.

Our gate was 110, lucky enough we had a Jamerson bar with AC because it was humid & hottt! It even rained while we waited for the show to start but that made the humidity (and the hair) even worse! In the meantime, we grabbed a handful of napkins to wipe the seats since they were soaking wet. No rain on this parade!

Once the rain passed, the opening acts performed. DJ Khalid, Jim Jones, and Fabulous were enough to get the crowd turnt all the way up! As Beyonce was transported from the arena onto the Metlife field our section was the only one that saw her and our section went crazy.


Shortly after that the Metlife security made an announcement that the entire stadium must evacuate due to severe weather heading our way. I must admit they evacuated that entire stadium within 20 minutes! B has a way of making stadiums go dark (remember Superbowl!) and now she evacuated an entire stadium filled with 90,000 people.

Everyone had the same idea...head to the AC and grab a drink or two until the rain passed.

Once the storm passed and the stage crew cleaned up the water, Bey & Jay hit the stage and gave us all the hits we love. Classics from "03 Bonnie & Clyde", "Resentment", to "Upgrade U". The set list was perfectly arranged from their dance hits to the more intimate ballads. Nevertheless you stand, scream, sing (well I did), and dance the entire concert!

After the concert getting home was chaos, due to Uber’s app crashing and leaving thousands of Uber riders without a way to get home.

At one point there were no more Uber cars available and we had to take a train to some random stop and catch an Uber home from there (in the rain!). Our 20 minute ride home took 2 1/2 hours! Lessoned learned don’t take Uber to a concert where 90,000 people will be attending.

Other than the return home chaos, the concert was amazing!

\\ Je'Mere

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