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What's in the Chanel Bag?

Lately I’ve been in the habit of traveling light and only carrying what I need especially during a date night. As some of you may agree, you can carry up to 7 different lipsticks depending on your mood or outfit.

Throughout the course of a busy week, I could easily travel with 2 plums (matte & semi matte), 2 reds, 2 nudes, and lately 1 soft pink. Most times I layer either the plum or red on top of the nude for a unique blend. I do this most times to moisturize my lips before applying the matte lipstick.

As an on the go city girl, lipgloss is a must for quick touch ups. My all time favorite lip gloss’ are Chanel’s Number 11 & MAC’s Nymphette. They’re the perfect nude but with a gold shimmer that you can wear alone or on top of your favorite lip color.

Ever since MAC added the mirror to their Mineralize skinfinish compact, I use this as my touch up while on the go.

I was recently introduced to Cleo Cosmetics Melting Lip Powders. Shown here in Barbie Pink & Plum Medium. Stay with me, it’s a powder in the jar but goes on wet and dries matte like a lip stain. You can also use it on your cheeks! The idea is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It makes for a good 2 for 1 while on the go.

\\ Je’Mere

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